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Les Fradkin: Music

"Baroque Rocks!" CD

"One Link Between Them" CD

Lift Off


From Venus With Love



Warp Drive

Sailing All Alone

Longing To Return

A Dim Twilight


Presto Changeo-Single

Presto Changeo

(Les Fradkin)
July 30, 2013
Les Fradkin and Johann Sebastian Bach

Suite for Ztar and Orchestra in G Minor Op.1 No.1

"Ticket To A Remix Universe" CD

"Hyper Midi Guitar" CD

Lift Off (Live) - SINGLE


"If Your Memory Serves You Well"-CD


"Reality-The Rock Opera"-CD

Les Fradkin-"Telstar" (The Single)

"The Gates Of Trance" - EP

"Something for George"-CD

"A Day At The Beach"-CD


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